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God reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation


By God's grace, Asia Pacific Mission, Ltd (APM) began in 1994 with the vision to plant churches among the unreached peoples in the 10/40 window nations. Our strategy is to train, send and partner trained workers to these nations so that by all possible means, we can fulfill the ministry of reconciliation and reconcile many to God.


  • train missionaries, tent-makers, national trainers through Bethany School of Missions (BSM)
  • send trained missionaries to 10/40 window nations through Asia Pacific Mission (APM)
  • partner trained national trainers to start training centers in 10/40 window nations


  • a faith mission, trusting God solely for all its needs
  • an indigenous, interdenominational mission sending agency
  • works in fellowship with all evangelical churches and mission agencies
  • managed by godly men of God from different denominational backgrounds


APM is a Mission Sending Agency seeking to send missionaries to the UPGs in the 10/40 window. It now has Singaporean missionaries serving in India, Pakistan, Middle East, Central Asia, China, Thailand and Indonesia.


We have networking partnerships with two other international mission agencies which work among UPGs. With their specialization, expertise, infrastructure and matured missionary leadership to facilitate and care for our cross-cultural missionaries, we can reach more people groups.