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Bethany School of Missions, Singapore (BSM)

APM's Training Division seeks to prepare and train missionary candidates in missiology, linguistics, culture and cross-cultural communication before sending them to the mission fields. Few important facts about BSM (more details available at Bethany School of Mission Website):

  • Gazetted by the Singapore Ministry of Education in 1990.
  • Associate member of Asia Theological Association.
  • Programs accredited by the Bethany College of Missions (USA); the World Link University (USA); and the International Council of Higher Education (Zurich).
  • Credits are transferable to other institutions of missions and missiology.

the Strategy
BSM has a 3-pronged strategy :

  • train Missionary Practitioners - for cross-cultural and non-traditional missionary settings
  • train Trainers of Missionary Practitioners - to multiply the process across the 10/40 window
  • train Tentmakers - for multiplying disciples

the Philosophy
BSM's curriculum is designed with one aim in mind : Godly character and ministry effectiveness in cross-cultural contexts. It has a carefully designed balance of :

  • BE - spiritual formation - recognition and development of person's call
  • DO - ministry skills development - affirmation and enhancement of person's giftings
  • KNOW - academic input - necessary cognitive input.

the Flexibility
Candidates may choose to either take individual courses or modules of their choice for credit or audit on a full-time or part-time basis. Part-time credits (up to 50%) may be accumulated to lead to any of the study programs. The remaining 50% must be done on a full-time basis.