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A cord of three strands is not quickly broken

APM needs rope-holders to accomplish its 3-fold strategy of training, sending and partnering trained workers to reach the teeming unreached millions especially those in the 10/40 window nations.

Who is a Rope-holder ?
When William Carey, the father of Modern missions, was leaving for India as a missionary, he told a group of interested friends, "Saving souls can be likened to a man drowning in a deep well and a volunteer willing to go down to save him. The volunteer can do nothing unless there are people who will help to hold the rope for him to be lowered till he reaches the drowning man and then pull them up to safety."

You can be a Rope-holder by

  • becoming a Prayer Partner, for the battle for souls is fought and won on our knees.
  • starting a Prayer Fellowship in your church or home.
  • sponsoring scholarships for missionaries from 10/40 window nations who need specialised training at BSM.

If you are interested to be Rope-holders, please contact us and we will be glad to talk with you.