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Training Centers

National trainers from 10/40 window nations are trained at Bethany School of Missions for 2 years under the Educator Training. After their training, they return to their home countries to set up Missions Training Centers to train their local missionaries for church planting among their own unreached people groups.

These national trainers must satisfy the following criteria before they are selected for Educator Training :

  • possess a recognised Biblical and/or Theological degree
  • must have at least 5 years field/practical experience as a pastor or church planter
  • must have a calling to train missionaries for church planting among Unreached People Groups in their own nations
  • must pledge to return home after their training to start training centers

To date, Missions Training Centers have been set up by our foreign graduates in Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, India, Myanmar, Malaysia, Ghana, Nepal, Nagaland, Burundi and many more are in the pipeline.

Each year, hundreds of missionaries are sent out from these training centers to plant churches among the UPGs. All are fully equipped and trained in cross-cultural church planting skills.